Gordon Brennan

Gordon Brennan was born different. Mr. Brennan is currently 51 years young and has been married to his first and only wife, Sandra for 18 years. They have been a couple for the past 20 years, minus one day. (We had one big fight and Gord stayed one night at his Condominium) They are the proud parents of two growing boys, 1st born Connor, who is currently 15 years old and Colin, currently 12 years old. Like all children, both Connor and Colin have strengths and weaknesses. Connor is a Red Stripe/Blue belt student of Tae Kwon-Do. (Only 2 belts away from his Black belt) He loves video games, computer activities, playing with his many friends, and he is a vibrant supporter of anything that saves the earth’s environment. Connor was positively diagnosed with a mild reading and writing Learning Disability. Colin is a Professional singer-songwriter who loves all things involved in elevators, trains, escalators, highways/roads, maps, and of course singing! Colin has travelled all over the world singing on stages including just off Broadway in New York City, Nashville, Tennessee, Vancouver, British Columbia and London, England. He was positively diagnosed with Autism, (ASD). Sandra, comes from a large family, she is one of six siblings in her birth family. Gordon was adopted by his parents when he was at the tender age of 4 months. He knew he was a “chosen miracle child” as described by his parents since he was a very young child and had no problems knowing that he was different in that he was adopted. Gordon’s parents, (no acknowledgement of them being adopting parents, they are his parents who raised him, therefore, his parents, period.) were both born and raised in Europe and in Israel. They suffered, fought, and survived World War 2. Gordon’s father was a Captain of a motor torpedo boat with The British Royal Navy and his Mother was a survivor of the Holocaust. Their life experiences were imprinted on his brain since he was adopted. Survival, strong will, and a never give-up attitude was always part of the family motto growing up. Gordon grew up in a Real Estate family environment as both his parents were full time professional Real Estate Agents for over 30 years. Gordon's Father also was an Owner/Operator of a large Gravel Pit and helped to build The St. Lawrence Seaway among other projects. Gordon's Mother was working as a Bio-Chemist at Woman's College Hospital first after coming to Canada in 1953. Because of Gordon's Parents he developed a keen sense of how business was conducted in a professional manner and as an adolescent, grew to appreciate all the intricacies of selling and marketing. After finishing High School, Gordon enrolled directly into Real Estate College and obtained his Salesman License and entered the workforce immediately at age 18. Over a 27 year full time professional Real Estate career Gordon sold over 3500 new and resale homes all over the Greater Toronto Area, (GTA). After working 70-90 hour work weeks for over a quarter century, Gordon took a dramatic career change and rejoined the (Oakville Sheridan) College student population and studied Early Childhood Education. He was one of only three male students within the 30 classes and in-field Placements, and the "oldest" student as well. Gordon obtained all A and A+ grades with only one B+ grade in all his classes. Gordon wrote and had published a children’s book entitled, “Imagine Connor" about his oldest son’s imagination stories. It took almost a full year to complete the book from scratch. Over the past 5 years Gordon has strongly advocated for more recognition of male teachers entering and staying in the classroom at all grade levels. Gordon mentored a young boy for 8 years almost as a father, whom he was introduced to when he was a volunteer at the Big Brothers program here in Oakville. Gordon was hired at The Career Centre at Sheridan College as a Tutor to dozens of Students helping them to obtain better grades and to Graduate their individual Programs. Gordon is slowly working on opening his own Licensed Childcare Centre that specializes in daycare for boys and for Autistic children. Gordon prefers to surround himself with people who have that same “can-do” attitude towards life and a “I can deal with this” attitude that he so strongly believes turns failure into success.

Gordon was always fascinated with not only history but how the many different Politicians affected thousands and even millions of people's lives, for better or worse. History had proven to him that absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely! This phrase stuck in his mind! As a Real Estate Agent, Gordon learned very fast that serving the General Public was not a chore but an honour! Yes, one cannot please everyone 100% of the time, but respecting the fact that everyone is different in their own way and being open enough to new viewpoints is not a sign of weakness but intelligence. Also, as an Independent Contractor, Gordon learned to Budget money very wisely as it was not flowing freely and endlessly.

Awards- 2001 Re/Max Executive Club Award, 2000- Re/Max Presidents Club Award. Gordon Sold Hundreds of New Homes in Oakville for Eden Oak Homes, Laurier Homes and Greenpark Homes. He is proud of the way these neighbourhoods have embraced and enhanced Oakville and the original and subsequent resale Owners are living there also and raising their families. Gordon doesn't believe that development is "bad or evil" as some other members of Town Council are suggesting. Growth, when it's managed properly and within demand with environmental issues kept in play, is and can be a healthy and supportive contribution for everyone involved. Professional Memberships that Gordon has been part of include, since 1981, The Toronto Real Estate Board, Since 1983 The Canadian Real Estate Association, The Ontario Real Estate Association, Since 1999 The Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board, The Mississauga Real Estate Board, The Oakville Chamber of Commerce, Since 2000 The Milton Chamber of Commerce, Since 2002 Big Brothers of Halton, Donating Member To The World Wildlife Fund Canada from 1996 to 2010.

Gordon has Volunteered for many years on Three different School Councils. At Captain R. Wilson Public School he was the Co-Chair. At Abbey Lane Public School he was on the Property Committee and at Emily Carr Public School he was head of the Facilities Committee.

Education and Professional Development

2007 - 2011

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program




OREA Recognizing Structural Deficiencies in Homes


OREA Architectural Styles Course


RECO Code of Ethics Course


OREA Real Estate Update Course


CMHC Market Analysis Seminar


E2000 Training Institute Inc. – Advanced Listing in a High Tech World


New House Sales Course by the Ontario Real Estate Association


Canadian Professional Sales Association Institute Certificate Program


The Ronald Marth Technology Seminar


Business Ethics Seminar


Peak Performance Training Certificate – The Psychology of Selling, The Art of Closing Sales


The Phoenix Seminar Certificate – The Psychology of Achievement


Have completed 3 courses in the Real Estate Certificate Program for the Broker course.


Collier & Park Group and Russell and Associates 8 week Real Estate Sales Education Training Certificate


Graduated from the Real Estate Segments I, II, III and obtained Real Estate Salesman’s License


Humber College & A.E. LePage Real Estate Services Residential Real Estate Sales Training L-1 Certificate


Graduated from York Mills Collegiate Institute with Grade 13 Diploma


Personal History

  • Author and creator of “Imagine Connor” book series published by Trafford Publishing,
  • Was President of Solcasa Homes Inc.
  • Was President of Milinoff Homes Inc.
  • Was 50% owner of Brennan and Brennan Development corporation as Secretary Treasurer


  • My mother, Dr. Ange Brennan, who was the president of Brennan and Brennan Development Corporation, was in the real estate business for 24 years, and has been very inspirational for my career and me.

She sold over 5000 homes and condominiums all over the GTA and has won numerous awards for highest sales volume including the Rily Brethour Award (1985) as well as being in the top 10 in many of the Builder Award programs (ie: Nu-West Group). She has represented many of the top builders in the country namely Victoria Woods, Cadillac Fairview, Frum Developments, Costain and more.

  • My father was in the business for 10 years before he passed away in 1994.


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As Mayor of Oakville, Gordon will Negotiate Non-Stop until an all-around, combined, Agreement is made with all parties concerned on many of the issues surrounding our great Town, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Land Use.

Gordon knows how to Negotiate not Dictate! He has the INSIDE knowledge of how Developers think and feel as Gordon worked for many of the Key Builders for 27 years. There is no need to have to FIGHT them at OMB Hearings year after year.

Just some of Gordon's idea's are underground hydro for all new subdivisions, top-covered recycling bins, heated major roadways to avoid the yearly expansion/contraction, replacing cut down trees with more mature trees rather than saplings, Municipal Childcare Spaces, elimination of homeowner snow Windrows, picking up all the garbage in all our land areas every month, being more respectful towards Oakville citizens and addressing them and their concerns with intent towards solving issues rather than spinning issues, making local environmental issues profitable towards local and outside businesses, dealing with global climate change in terms of preparing for the inevitable weather extremes that will affect our Town in terms of building everything to support natural disasters.


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Change! We need it!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." ~ Darwin

In other words...No more single minded, ONE ISSUE Mayor, we need to be able to adapt with the changes that are occurring daily, weekly, monthly and of course yearly.

I offer that Controlled, BALANCED Change.