Burton's New Municipal Land Transfer Tax

Here is the List of Candidates who responded Yes or No to a New Municipal Land Transfer Tax. This will be good to look at AFTER the Election is concluded to see who keeps their word!

My Wife, Sandra, Her Influence.

Any Political Leader that claims his/her Spouse, Partner, Significant Other, has zero influence on how they do their job or how they carry on their ideology during their terms in office are lying through their teeth. My wife is no different. I have been married to her for almost 20 years and we have been together as a couple for over 21 years. We came from polar opposites as children. I, from an Upper Middle Class Urban family, with only one sibling, and she from a Lower Middle Class family with five other siblings. Sandra grew up in a Country environment where nothing went to waste and every dollar was stretched to it's limit. Budgeting was a must. My parents both worked many long hard hours and earned six figure commission dollars in the 1970's when a dollar was still worth 100 cents. My Mother would buy $250 worth of groceries a week and get 3 carts full of food including meats. Both Sandra and I began working at age 13, me for my Mother and her Builder/Developer Partners and Sandra picking Mushrooms and tending to horses needs. Despite our early differences we have many similarities. We strongly believe in hard work brings results. We reject laziness in all it's forms. We strongly believe in compassion for all living things, but not freeloading compassion. We both believe that Education is a foothold to success. We both believe in the power of children and appreciate all their strengths and how they enrich our adult lives without compromise. We both have strong passion for the Special Needs Community and believe that they can and do contribute to so much in our community. Sandra is a strong advocate for all animals and many times she is embarrassed by caring more for wildlife and our domesticated pets than humans at times. I am a True Taurus and I feel connected to Mother Earth very strongly. Sandra wants to believe that Politicians can and should be true and honest, but knows that is rare. She tells me often that being in political office is a service not a privilege and to respect all that it entails. I feel that my wife keeps me grounded and I rely on her realism to keep me ahead at times. Sandra is really smart. She came from humble beginnings and was in the top of her College class, and earned the Silver Medal at Sheridan College here in Oakville. Despite all her success in her second chosen career of Computer Consulting, (Oracle Data Base Administrator, or DBA) she remains humble enough to share all her wealth of IT knowledge with her peers and outside of her jobs. (Sandra wanted to originally become a Vet but knew her biological skills were lacking.) My wife will make sure that I keep my focus on the citizens of Oakville and that I am not clouded by anything that can deplete my energies and passion away from doing a job worthy of any Mayor.

A USA Personal Perspective on Oakville

To the Town of Oakville,

My name is Alyssa Maris. I have been staying with my close friends, The Brennan Family, (Gordon, Sandra, Connor and Colin) for 11 days here in Oakville. I took a Greyhound bus to get here all the way from Huntington, West Virginia U.S.A. It took me 14 hours of driving to arrive! I have never been outside of my Country before until now. I just turned 18 years old.

When I first arrived, I immediately noticed that there were no boarded-up homes and all the houses were so big and nice looking! As time went on, I also noticed that everywhere I visited everyone was so nice and polite and pleasant to talk to and made me feel welcome! I even saw that your Walmart was cleaner and the staff more friendlier.

What really blew me away was all the excellent food! Even the fast food here is better looking and better tasting! The Brennan Family fed me fresh food from their backyard garden along with dining out at many local Restaurants, (Such as Turtle Jacks and Swiss Chalet), BBQ’s and prepared foods at their house from your local Grocery stores. My Grandma was quite worried that I would gain weight here because I was eating so much fancy food, but I actually lost some weight despite the fact that I was eating three regular meals every day. The food here tasted great but is nutritious at the same time, not like back home where it’s mostly processed and greasy.

I also had a great adventure at your Salon Venere store. I have never had my hair cut and styled before by a Professional Hairstylist and Amanda was so nice and she showed me a new way to keep my hair and how to take care of it after she did a fantastic job of cutting it.

I also had a great swim at your indoor pool at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, such a large pool for so much fun and the water was nice and warm. I was very reluctant to go to your Splash Pad at Coronation Park but after Colin convinced me to try it I had a great time! There was this adorable little girl who actually “played” with me and showed me the secret buttons to turn on special water works on the Pad! I also loved walking around that park and your Lake Ontario seems like an ocean to me!

I also had a dream come true by meeting up with Johnny Orlando, a local singer like Colin at River 16 Recording Studio’s. He and his Mom were so nice and gave me a free Poster and two bracelets, Colin and Johnny then sang a duet together!

To say that my first experiences in Canada and in Oakville were an eye-opener would be an understatement, if I ever get the opportunity to move to Canada it would be to Oakville!

The only thing I would say that I would like to see and do more in Oakville would be to have a big place to have some excitement. I went to your CN Tower in Toronto, to your Toronto Zoo, To the Playdium in Mississauga, and to Amazing Adventures indoor Playhouse in Burlington. It would be nice to have some things like those to go to in Oakville.

I hope to be able to come back to your beautiful Town soon!


Alyssa Maris

2584 ½ 4th Avenue
Huntington, West Virginia,
U.S.A. 25703

Field Mayor and Office Mayor

In the past eight years, I have actually only met Rob Burton, Once! (And that was only because my youngest son was a Finalist at our Annual Cogeco Stars Among Us Competition.) I have never seen Mr. Burton driving around our Town or in any of our local retail stores. I realize he attends many official Mayoral functions including a trip to China once. I have seen him many times in the Oakville Beaver Newspaper which is the most frequent avenue I have seen him in. The many photo Ops have been numerous as well. I'm quite certain he spends many hours in the Town Hall offices. 

As Mayor of this great Town, I would be out and about almost everyday. Not just glad handling but actually outside of the Town offices connecting with Oakvillians. I would also carry a pocket digital recorder with me at all times so that any Oakville Citizen who has a concern or a question or a need that I can handle through our Municipal Government, can be recorded on the spot, so that I can follow-up quickly afterwards. Its not enough to just be Mayor for a certain group of people, I would be serving all of Oakville 100% of the time in office. 

Also, at least once per week, I would go out for the entire day and randomly supervise and/or inspect what our local Contractors are doing for our Town. I would get into the trenches with them, ask them questions about what they are doing and how we maybe able to improve what they are working on, or ask them their opinions on how we can be more cost effective. The Town of Oakville employs hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people per year and with a $300 million dollar budget I would be out there making sure our money is being wisely spent and with no cost over-runs. I have NO PROBLEM getting my hands dirty with all our Contractors and workers and doing what they do! Wearing jeans and suits is perfectly fine for me on any given day! 

We have a beautiful Official Office Building for our Town Hall, built during Ann Mulvale's terms in office. As Mayor, I know many hours will be spent in there doing official business. As a Former Professional Real Estate Agent I organized, managed, and worked in many offices all over the GTA including Oakville. I pride myself as having an excellent track record then as being extremely organized and efficient and a paperwork affectionatto. I know first hand just how important accurate and neat paperwork is towards any organization. Our Town offices employ many people and they all have to be on the same page when it comes to being efficient and ensuring that all paperwork is complete, done on time, and is precise. As Mayor, I would ensure that the smooth flow of paperwork is steady and non-political in nature. Oakvillians deserve a Town Hall staffed with like minded professionals that deliver quality services with dedication and with the ease of knowledge that is not tainted in anyway with Partisan politics. 

Reactive VS. Proactive

Rob Burton is quoted as saying..."My Mother raised me to believe that you should wait until things actually happen before you conjecture about them." 

MY Mother raised ME to do things BEFORE something happens, in other words, be Proactive rather than reactive like Rob Burton. I have lived my entire adult life trying to be Proactive and setting up things beforehand so that goals and objectives get done and should anything go wrong then adjustment is smoother and easier than scrambling to find a quick and often more difficult solution. In my opinion, most Politicians are very reactive, as Mayor of Oakville first and not as a Politician, I would always be Proactive in all areas of Oakville's needs.

Rob Burton is quoted as saying he is, "An outspoken environmentalist." While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an environmentalist, in my opinion, as a Mayor of a great town, you have to be a lot more than just an environmentalist. You cannot single-out your mandate as Mayor as just caring about the environment. While caring about the environment is a very worthwhile endeavour, and one which I would maintain as has been going on the past eight years, I would bring much more to serving this superior Town with a balanced approach to all aspects of Governance, and what needs are important to all citizens of Oakville. 

Rob Burton is quoted as saying, That when he was elected four years ago people asked if he would run again. His response was: "Let's see if we like each other." 

My response...Huh?? As Mayor, I would be constantly striving to allow ALL citizens of Oakville to not only like me but to see and hear me doing service to this great Town year round. 

Rob Burton was quoted as saying, "I've decided it's a fun thing to be Mayor, but I have no desire to be Mayor for life."

While it's a good thing to have fun at your work, I just hope that Mr. Burton has considered all aspects of the seriousness of the job as Mayor. I believe that Mr. Burton has done all that he wanted to do with Oakville in the past eight years and his mission to "save not pave" has been accomplished and he can retire knowing that the Town can carry forward with a New Mayor, a Balanced, Controlled, approach Mayor!

Property Taxes and when will the raises stop?!

The Facts about (My) Property Taxes year to year from the day I owned my home...

These are my yearly taxes and the percentage change year to year, along with whom was in power at the time.

2002- $4088.35 (Mulvale)

2003- $3936.88 (Minus 3.7%) (Mulvale, Election year)

2004- $4416.39 (Plus 12.2%) (Mulvale)

2005- $4514.43 (Plus 2.2%) (Mulvale)

2006- $4676.31 (Plus 3.6%) (Burton)

2007- $4774.78 (Plus 2.1%) (Burton)

2008- $4956.67 (Plus 3.8%) (Burton)

2009- $5090.15 (Plus 2.7%) (Burton)

2010- $5123.88 (Plus 0.7%) (Burton) (Election Year)

2011- $5222.99 (Plus 1.9%) (Burton)

2012- $5339.03 (Plus 2.2%) (Burton)

2013- $5475.69 (Plus 2.6%) (Burton)

Since Rob Burton became Mayor of Oakville my Property Taxes have INCREASED 17.1% or $799.38 !! 

My wife's salary and my wages over the same eight years have increased 0.00 % or ZERO DOLLARS!!

Every year we are told we should be just happy to be working and earning anything by some employers. SO, when our taxes increase every year we have to make living changes to pay the extra taxes, sometimes even having to forego certain Foods! 

This has to STOP! Not EVERYONE in Oakville can afford increases every year in our taxes. I can tell you as a former Professional Real Estate Agent many people have actually moved OUT of Oakville to Burlington and Milton to avoid all the extra increases in living expenses in Oakville. Middle Class families should be able to live affordably in Oakville also, not just the wealthy.

As Mayor, I will not increase taxes at all for a minimum of two years! 

As Mayor, I will negotiate, negotiate, and fight for contracts and operating expenses that will keep our taxes at even so we don't have to increase at all. Enough is Enough!

No more OPEN Cheque books from taxpayers!

Letter to The President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce

Hello, (President) John Sawyer,
I am writing to you today to inform you of my concern for the Downtown Business Owners current plight of decreased sales along with many Merchants actually closing their stores along our beautiful lakefront core areas. As a 20 year resident I have shopped on numerous occasions along the Lakeshore Road retail areas and have always enjoyed the personal and friendly service that is lacking in the Big Box stores.

Having said that, I would like to propose my commitment to all the Business Owners. As Mayor of Oakville, I would personally negotiate with all the Property Owners to decrease the Merchants rents for the next two years by 50%. In turn, when necessary, I would offer the equivalent property tax reduction to the Property Owner. I would keep negotiating until an Agreement is concluded. As a former full-time Professional Real Estate Agent, I successfully negotiated close to 3000 transactions and I believe that as Mayor of Oakville, those skills will prove useful towards solving the current "crisis" for business entrepreneurs. I have read the hundreds of comments from actual shoppers who have frequented the shops on our Lakeshore and the majority have indicated that the rents are just simply too high along with the Property taxes being also too expensive. (The comments coming from an article in The Toronto Star recently.) With the 50% savings in their rents, the Business Owners could reinvest those savings into price reductions on their inventory, hire local sales help again rather than going it alone, increase more choices in their stock etc.

Mayor Rob Burton is stating that Oakville businesses have more competition than in the past, that these businesses are not alone, that Merchants need to be alert and reinvent themselves. His two studies, The Cultural Hub and Streetscape plans might help a small amount however, they seem to me to be more a facade than doing something more direct and immediate. For the record, I am not anti-business and believe in the free market environment but I also believe that Government should get directly involved when and where necessary to keep encouraging people to invest in Oakville. I welcome your thoughts on this matter.

Kind regards,
Gordon Brennan
Registered Mayor Candidate.
(905) 827-3894
2141 Woodgate Drive
Oakville, Ont. L6M-4E1 


  • Underground (Buried) electrical utilities for all new Development projects including ICI sectors along with Residential. (No more worries about Ice Storm Black-outs.)
  • A Special day set aside for Oakville Woman Business Leaders/Entrepreneurs with a Dinner and Awards Show.
  • New Bus Shelters, with Heaters and larger. More enclosed for increased protection from the outside elements. Some kind of small entertainment system, ie: Radio/Music or news connections, not expensive but well secured. Residents wait a minimum of 30 minutes for a local bus. They should not have to be uncomfortable while waiting.
  • Have an Economic Round Table Committee that meets once a month to discuss all issues concerning Growth and Development and more importantly have a Pro-Active Back-up Plan that can be implemented immediately should a massive Real Estate Bubble Bursts or if there is a dramatic Correction in Real Estate commodities/and/or Prices.
  • The New (and much needed) Oakville Hospital. This massive project will be a Major Air Pollution Emitter, Three Times what is allowed under the Town's Health Protection Air Quality Bylaw. We are already spending $2.7 Billion on this new Hospital we could just as well spend a few million more to cap and filter all the emissions coming from the Diesel Fired Generators, Natural gas Boilers and Cooling Towers. I don't want my children and all the other thousands of children to have health related issues in the near future from poor air quality coming from this new Hospital. 
  • Elimination of fees being paid by our Seniors to remove the snow Windrows at the end of their driveways. This two minute service should be provided to them free of additional charges over and above their regular property taxes. More preferrable is the elimination of all Oakville property owners having to shovel their own driveways windrows. Looking at methods to plow our residential roads without leaving massive snow windrows, including purchasing new equipment. Our winters will be on-again, off-again, severe as time moves forward, we need to be prepared in advance. 
  • All mature trees that are cut down by Town Staff to be replaced with equal Mature Trees, no small stick-like saplings. 
  • Oakville Residents are very busy, in a productive way, Town Hall needs to connect with ALL citizens of Oakville in a timely manner. For any resident that supplies their current e-mail address then all issues that require any input from citizens should be e-mailed out with a reply option for each. There should be no excuse for any resident to say, "we didn't know about this..."
  • All Major Roads within Oakville should be retrofitted with either self generating/electrical heaters to eliminate the yearly expansion/contraction process between each season. This in turn will eliminate the need to pour tons of rock-salt and sand on our roads which is toxic to our environment and we will have additional cost savings as well. (If we cannot have self generating heaters then since we all own Oakville Hydro Inc. we should get very much preferred rates) Most of our major roads will need repaving this year as we had a very severe winter and the roads are full of pot-holes and cracks. In the new developments this new infrastructure will be implemented automatically. 
  • Negotiate an Agreement for the next five years for total co-operation among the main Municipalities concerning the payment of our tax dollars to subsidize other Municipalities, we need to be firm and congenial at the same time to strike a deal that benefits everyone so this constant bickering and competing against Municipal Governments ends. Let the Province save some money for a change rather than upload. 
  • A Zero Percent Municipal tax increase for the next two years beginning from December 1st, 2014 until December 1st 2016.
  • Negotiate a Development Charges Agreement for the next three years between all stakeholders including BILD that will keep them steady and predictable.
  • Study Privatizing our Bus system to a similar model as used in The United Kingdom/Great Britain. (Each Bus is owned by an individual company or Companies, including Franchisees, but still regulated by Municipal Government, they are Extremely efficient and cost effective.) Possible Huge savings to our Treasury.
  • Elimination of that front facade at Town Hall. It looks like a Security Checkpoint in an Airport or at a border point, very very uninviting and intimidating, especially to New Residents. Replaced with an Open Air Type of Front Foyer with large pictures of our citizens enjoying all parts of Oakville.
  • Install a permanent Monument or Plaque at The New Hospital for all Donors, perhaps have a dollar thresh-hold for space restrictions.
  • Install Trash and/or Recycle Bins on all Canada Post Super Mailboxes. Negotiate an Agreement with the Federal Government. (Way too much litter around them currently.)
  • Creation of Municipal Childcare/Daycare Spaces that are affordable and quality oriented.

Letter to The Editor, Merton Lands

Re: Mayor comments on Merton land issue

As a Twenty year Resident, Property Tax payer and avid supporter of all that is Oakville, I am very worried. It appears, to me at least, that extremism is alive and well when it involves any type of possible Land Development in Oakville by a select group of people and the organizations they represent. Mayor Rob Burton made his viewpoints very clear in his letter to The Editor on March 21, 2014. “His” Town Council will decide what happens with The Merton Lands, and “His” Council has already decided what land can and cannot be developed over the past eight years. He and his councillors will decide what to do based on the science of the issues over land use. The people who are against Development and in turn, Growth of any kind, are VERY emotional and passionate about keeping any Developer from building on most if not all of what is left in Oakville to develop. Mayor Rob Burton is VERY passionate about all items involving the environment and land usage, and it must fit into his vision and his methods of persuasion. While no-one would argue that “being-green” is a bad thing, there needs to be a “balanced-approach” to it all. With The Towns Director of Planning services stating that only 20 percent of the Merton Lands would be used as Residential Development and the remainder (with the exception of some small pockets of Commercial and a school site) to be all greenbelt protected, this sounds to me like a balanced approach. Many Oakville Green Associates along with their President said only 100% protection is acceptable. In other words, the land should not be touched at all. No Balance.

I consider myself a Liberal Minded Conservative. I prefer balance. I have the unique balanced perspective of being supportive of organizations such as Oakville Green, (I receive e-mails from them for many years now) and understanding the inside business acumen of Developers as I worked for many of them for 27 years, including the Builder involved in The Merton Lands purchase. A decade ago, I telephoned Oakville Green to come and help me save two Frogs from being killed by National Homes Construction crews. Mother Nature had “taken-over” a small amount of land directly behind my backyard that was vacant for two years, and an entire ecosystem had developed behind my new home complete with two croaking frogs, wild bulrushes and a pond with native brush surrounding it. I knew exactly when the excavating machine was coming to dig the basements for my upcoming new neighbours’ homes, and this preserve was going to be wiped out for the new home that was being built. Oakville Green sent a teenage boy over to my home, and he and I captured the two frogs and took them over to 16 Mile creek and gently released them into the water there. I had spoken with the subdivision Site Supervisor earlier, and he gave me one day to evacuate the frogs before he came to dig the basement for my new neighbour. I was impressed and pleased that we saved them both from death. On the flip side, National Homes was delivering a new home to a family that purchased that property and was looking forward to living on that lot and making their new life in Oakville. They came from outside of Oakville’s borders.

In the 2010 Municipal Election Campaign, Former Mayor Ann Mulvale stated that Rob Burton “is dismissive to those who don’t share his views.” It appears she may be correct. In that past election, Mayor Rob Burton received 25,107 votes out of a combined total of 121,330 eligible voters which represents 20.6% of Oakville residents. I would be very interested in what the other 79.40% of Oakville residents think about his decisions on development. Rob Burton is a wealthy man, and I hope that he considers that many other Oakville citizens are not and they may want to start their own business on new development land. I hope that he considers there are thousands of people outside of our Oakville borders who would love to buy a new home here and become part of the Oakville family community. (Beyond just believing that new home purchasers should pay more in their purchase price because of increased development charges since he became Mayor.) Recently, the President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce commented on Development Charges as needing to be competitive, especially among the ICI sectors of Oakville. The Chamber appears to be worried like me that growth paying for growth factors are inhibiting our abilities to compete. Ward 4 Councillor Allan Elgar has stated that he would really like to see the current Development Charges going up from the 60% charged now to 100%. Bye Bye, competitiveness.

Just in case many Oakville Property Owners forgot about a Developers Legacy here in our Town...

Thomas A. Blakelock was one of the most prominent and influential people in Oakville during the 20th century. His construction company built more than 400 buildings in Oakville, which has left a lasting legacy in this community. He served as Town Councillor, Deputy Reeve, Reeve, and Mayor of Oakville, Warden of Halton County and MPP from 1929 – 1944. His record of more than 40 years of public service is almost unmatched in Oakville. Thomas Blakelock was also active on the Oakville-Trafalgar District High School Board, and his service was recognized when the new T.A. Blakelock High School was named in his honour in 1958.

 Rob Burton came to us from the United States of America and I remind him of a famous quote from President Abraham Lincoln, “Government of the People, By the People, For the People.” I submit it should be for ALL the people as well. Protect the 14 Mile creek along with any other environmentally sensitive land masses in Oakville? Absolutely! Disallow a Controlled, Balanced, Change? Not a healthy approach.

Gordon Brennan,

Registered Mayor Candidate.

P.S. For the Record, I am not employed by any Developer anymore.

Let's Talk Development, A Balanced Perspective.

The past eight years have been a whirlwind of Anti-Growth and Anti-Development across Oakville and more specifically from Mayor Rob Burton, Councillor Allan Elgar, Councillor Roger Lapworth, and to a smaller degree from Councillor's Ralph Robinson, Tom Adams, and Max Khan. It's no secret that they combined, usually vote together during Town Council issues that they feel are important to them. For example, I just recently received an e-mail from Councillor Elgar via (The) Oakville Green Conservation Association, where he clearly states, " I am strongly against even considering development in this area for a number of reasons: (He goes on about having no budget for anymore Growth in The Merton Lands and much more.) He also states, "I am hoping the public will speak up on this important issue." (He goes on to ask the readers to spread the word to friends, family, and neighbours.) While Mr. Elgar is entitled to his own opinion I have a problem with him using the word, "I" many times in his e-mail in his capacity as a Town Councillor, and in my thinking is delivering a disservice to the remainder of his area's residents by not including them for their opinions or comments as to their potential needs. I have seen video's of Councillor Elgar's angry responses to residents of the public when they ask questions he does not want to answer or when they make comments he doesn't like. I have lived, worked and played in Oakville for 20 years now, and I have owned property for that 20 years, paid $100,000+ in property taxes alone and I am very PROUD of the Growth and Development that I have seen and had a hand in helping to happen as a Real Estate Agent for a number of Builder/Developers in town. To this very day I see many people enjoying their homes and their neighbourhoods, raising their families with Pride of Ownership, and upgrading their properties and being involved in what goes on in their individual communities. (Which includes preserving the natural habitats.) For the most part, these Oakville Owners have committed themselves to not only the single largest investment they will make but made a commitment to Oakville itself!

If you listen carefully to Rob Burton, Developers are Bad and want nothing less than to rape and pillage every square meter of Oakville's land mass. I can tell you from first hand experience that is so far from the truth it's laughable. I worked with some of Canada's Largest and top rated Builders and the personnel from the Owners/Presidents all the way down to the front line manual Labourers are all family men and woman and they are dedicated to providing homes for their customers that will bring them many years of enjoyment. Yes, these Companies want to make some profits along the way, what for-profit Company doesn't? Since when is it evil to earn money? Having said that, there are some bad-apples in the building Industry as well. Every business genre will have some bad mixed with the good. Fortunately, the Builder's who are in the industry for the quick buck don't last. Essentially, Builders are Entrepreneurs. They know ups and downs, they are risk takers through and through. If a Builder is not Budgeting money for long term growth and success, they usually fail, and in a short amount of time. In the 27 years I sold homes for these Builders I did the "Feast or Famine" with them according to Market conditions and outside Political influences. I quickly learned how to survive the lows and really enjoy the highs. As Mayor of Oakville, these real life experiences will be very helpful when times are good and when they are bad.

Rob Burton and his supporters will try to have a field day with me and the fact that I worked for the Big Bad Developers they vilify all the time. I am getting prepared for their onslaught. As Mayor of Oakville, I would have inside knowledge and would be able to negotiate with the Developers in advance of any OMB fight that Rob Burton is fond of doing and spending money on with Lawyers etc. As Mayor of Oakville, I would develop a "point-system" that would only allow the Best of the Best Builders to sell and develop our Town and I would personally walk with their personnel on each and every parcel of land that they buy to show them the sensitive areas that need to be preserved and/or enhanced to compliment each subdivision. Some Builders buy large tracks of raw land many years in advance of it being even close to being constructed on and as Mayor, I would make sure that this land is produced in an effective manner that complements all of Oakville residents needs. No-one wants Oakville to be over-developed and expanded as it has been done in Mississauga. While that city has been called "world-class" they are having a difficult time now keeping up full support with the current level of Property taxes and Owners may see large increases in the near future. I have huge respect for long-time Mayor Hazel McCallion, she has done an enormous 35 year job with working with The Developers and meeting the wants and needs of Mississauga Residents. I sold a lot of homes for Builders in Mississauga as well, and the demand for homes and businesses have been strong and wide for many decades. Oakville has always had a different approach and market demand has been different as well. Its said that current Leaders reflect current times. Throughout history this has proven to be true. (Good or Bad Leaders alike.) I believe I can reflect the current trends and times as Mayor of Oakville especially regarding Development and Growth.

Why do I want to be Mayor of Oakville?

I am 100% Non-Partisan, I do not, nor will not, support any Federal or Provincial (Government) Political Party, especially with Taxpayers Dollars.

I will make double sure that for the first two years in Office that there will be ZERO per cent property tax increases, I would NEVER be proud to publically announce for eight years that the annual Increase on Owners Property tax bills was "only" 2-5% The Corporation of the Town of Oakville can service all the Municipal needs for our Town without operating on an Open-Chequebook outlook towards taxpayers. It doesn't matter that perhaps most Oakvillians can afford to pay more every year in Property taxes, that is not a valid excuse to charge more for the same services every year. If I can live off $40 cash per week then, I'm quite certain that with a $300+ million annual Budget, Oakville can provide for it's citizens well enough without raising taxes for the next two years. 

 Ideology still plays out in any Political figure. Rob Burton staunchly supports The Liberal Party of Canada, he was a Guest Speaker at Justin Trudeau's most recent Biennial Convention, and it was also reported that $17,500 was given to the Liberal Party in 2010 from taxpayer dollars from Oakville Hydro, where Rob Burton is on The Board of Directors.

Ideologically speaking and for the record, I call myself a Liberal-Minded Conservative. Meaning that I am very Conservative towards Fiscal Policy issues, especially with spending and collecting tax payers monies. However, I am very Liberal towards Social Policy issues. Especially social programs involving children, including teens, our seniors and programs that help keep our citizens dignity intact. As a former Real Estate Professional involved in all aspects of that industry including construction, all levels of our Town's infrastructure has to be a healthy balance of Liberal spending with Conservative balances and checks.

I am all about being Pro-Active and not reactive, this has been my lifestyle for more than half my life and should be a cornerstone of being Mayor.

I don't want to be known as a Politician, rather as Mayor of a fabulous Town. I want to be known as a fair and decisive Leader who can also delegate tasks to people who are happy to carry them out on and for the people of Oakville. I am not Left or Right leaning, Balanced approach to both systems is key. Extremism never works long term, it's a historical fact.

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As Mayor of Oakville, Gordon will Negotiate Non-Stop until an all-around, combined, Agreement is made with all parties concerned on many of the issues surrounding our great Town, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Land Use.

Gordon knows how to Negotiate not Dictate! He has the INSIDE knowledge of how Developers think and feel as Gordon worked for many of the Key Builders for 27 years. There is no need to have to FIGHT them at OMB Hearings year after year.

Just some of Gordon's idea's are underground hydro for all new subdivisions, top-covered recycling bins, heated major roadways to avoid the yearly expansion/contraction, replacing cut down trees with more mature trees rather than saplings, Municipal Childcare Spaces, elimination of homeowner snow Windrows, picking up all the garbage in all our land areas every month, being more respectful towards Oakville citizens and addressing them and their concerns with intent towards solving issues rather than spinning issues, making local environmental issues profitable towards local and outside businesses, dealing with global climate change in terms of preparing for the inevitable weather extremes that will affect our Town in terms of building everything to support natural disasters.


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Change! We need it!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." ~ Darwin

In other words...No more single minded, ONE ISSUE Mayor, we need to be able to adapt with the changes that are occurring daily, weekly, monthly and of course yearly.

I offer that Controlled, BALANCED Change.