Field Mayor and Office Mayor

In the past eight years, I have actually only met Rob Burton, Once! (And that was only because my youngest son was a Finalist at our Annual Cogeco Stars Among Us Competition.) I have never seen Mr. Burton driving around our Town or in any of our local retail stores. I realize he attends many official Mayoral functions including a trip to China once. I have seen him many times in the Oakville Beaver Newspaper which is the most frequent avenue I have seen him in. The many photo Ops have been numerous as well. I'm quite certain he spends many hours in the Town Hall offices. 

As Mayor of this great Town, I would be out and about almost everyday. Not just glad handling but actually outside of the Town offices connecting with Oakvillians. I would also carry a pocket digital recorder with me at all times so that any Oakville Citizen who has a concern or a question or a need that I can handle through our Municipal Government, can be recorded on the spot, so that I can follow-up quickly afterwards. Its not enough to just be Mayor for a certain group of people, I would be serving all of Oakville 100% of the time in office. 

Also, at least once per week, I would go out for the entire day and randomly supervise and/or inspect what our local Contractors are doing for our Town. I would get into the trenches with them, ask them questions about what they are doing and how we maybe able to improve what they are working on, or ask them their opinions on how we can be more cost effective. The Town of Oakville employs hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people per year and with a $300 million dollar budget I would be out there making sure our money is being wisely spent and with no cost over-runs. I have NO PROBLEM getting my hands dirty with all our Contractors and workers and doing what they do! Wearing jeans and suits is perfectly fine for me on any given day! 

We have a beautiful Official Office Building for our Town Hall, built during Ann Mulvale's terms in office. As Mayor, I know many hours will be spent in there doing official business. As a Former Professional Real Estate Agent I organized, managed, and worked in many offices all over the GTA including Oakville. I pride myself as having an excellent track record then as being extremely organized and efficient and a paperwork affectionatto. I know first hand just how important accurate and neat paperwork is towards any organization. Our Town offices employ many people and they all have to be on the same page when it comes to being efficient and ensuring that all paperwork is complete, done on time, and is precise. As Mayor, I would ensure that the smooth flow of paperwork is steady and non-political in nature. Oakvillians deserve a Town Hall staffed with like minded professionals that deliver quality services with dedication and with the ease of knowledge that is not tainted in anyway with Partisan politics. 

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As Mayor of Oakville, Gordon will Negotiate Non-Stop until an all-around, combined, Agreement is made with all parties concerned on many of the issues surrounding our great Town, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Land Use.

Gordon knows how to Negotiate not Dictate! He has the INSIDE knowledge of how Developers think and feel as Gordon worked for many of the Key Builders for 27 years. There is no need to have to FIGHT them at OMB Hearings year after year.

Just some of Gordon's idea's are underground hydro for all new subdivisions, top-covered recycling bins, heated major roadways to avoid the yearly expansion/contraction, replacing cut down trees with more mature trees rather than saplings, Municipal Childcare Spaces, elimination of homeowner snow Windrows, picking up all the garbage in all our land areas every month, being more respectful towards Oakville citizens and addressing them and their concerns with intent towards solving issues rather than spinning issues, making local environmental issues profitable towards local and outside businesses, dealing with global climate change in terms of preparing for the inevitable weather extremes that will affect our Town in terms of building everything to support natural disasters.


Is this the way to treat Oakville Residents?
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Change! We need it!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." ~ Darwin

In other words...No more single minded, ONE ISSUE Mayor, we need to be able to adapt with the changes that are occurring daily, weekly, monthly and of course yearly.

I offer that Controlled, BALANCED Change.