• Underground (Buried) electrical utilities for all new Development projects including ICI sectors along with Residential. (No more worries about Ice Storm Black-outs.)
  • A Special day set aside for Oakville Woman Business Leaders/Entrepreneurs with a Dinner and Awards Show.
  • New Bus Shelters, with Heaters and larger. More enclosed for increased protection from the outside elements. Some kind of small entertainment system, ie: Radio/Music or news connections, not expensive but well secured. Residents wait a minimum of 30 minutes for a local bus. They should not have to be uncomfortable while waiting.
  • Have an Economic Round Table Committee that meets once a month to discuss all issues concerning Growth and Development and more importantly have a Pro-Active Back-up Plan that can be implemented immediately should a massive Real Estate Bubble Bursts or if there is a dramatic Correction in Real Estate commodities/and/or Prices.
  • The New (and much needed) Oakville Hospital. This massive project will be a Major Air Pollution Emitter, Three Times what is allowed under the Town's Health Protection Air Quality Bylaw. We are already spending $2.7 Billion on this new Hospital we could just as well spend a few million more to cap and filter all the emissions coming from the Diesel Fired Generators, Natural gas Boilers and Cooling Towers. I don't want my children and all the other thousands of children to have health related issues in the near future from poor air quality coming from this new Hospital. 
  • Elimination of fees being paid by our Seniors to remove the snow Windrows at the end of their driveways. This two minute service should be provided to them free of additional charges over and above their regular property taxes. More preferrable is the elimination of all Oakville property owners having to shovel their own driveways windrows. Looking at methods to plow our residential roads without leaving massive snow windrows, including purchasing new equipment. Our winters will be on-again, off-again, severe as time moves forward, we need to be prepared in advance. 
  • All mature trees that are cut down by Town Staff to be replaced with equal Mature Trees, no small stick-like saplings. 
  • Oakville Residents are very busy, in a productive way, Town Hall needs to connect with ALL citizens of Oakville in a timely manner. For any resident that supplies their current e-mail address then all issues that require any input from citizens should be e-mailed out with a reply option for each. There should be no excuse for any resident to say, "we didn't know about this..."
  • All Major Roads within Oakville should be retrofitted with either self generating/electrical heaters to eliminate the yearly expansion/contraction process between each season. This in turn will eliminate the need to pour tons of rock-salt and sand on our roads which is toxic to our environment and we will have additional cost savings as well. (If we cannot have self generating heaters then since we all own Oakville Hydro Inc. we should get very much preferred rates) Most of our major roads will need repaving this year as we had a very severe winter and the roads are full of pot-holes and cracks. In the new developments this new infrastructure will be implemented automatically. 
  • Negotiate an Agreement for the next five years for total co-operation among the main Municipalities concerning the payment of our tax dollars to subsidize other Municipalities, we need to be firm and congenial at the same time to strike a deal that benefits everyone so this constant bickering and competing against Municipal Governments ends. Let the Province save some money for a change rather than upload. 
  • A Zero Percent Municipal tax increase for the next two years beginning from December 1st, 2014 until December 1st 2016.
  • Negotiate a Development Charges Agreement for the next three years between all stakeholders including BILD that will keep them steady and predictable.
  • Study Privatizing our Bus system to a similar model as used in The United Kingdom/Great Britain. (Each Bus is owned by an individual company or Companies, including Franchisees, but still regulated by Municipal Government, they are Extremely efficient and cost effective.) Possible Huge savings to our Treasury.
  • Elimination of that front facade at Town Hall. It looks like a Security Checkpoint in an Airport or at a border point, very very uninviting and intimidating, especially to New Residents. Replaced with an Open Air Type of Front Foyer with large pictures of our citizens enjoying all parts of Oakville.
  • Install a permanent Monument or Plaque at The New Hospital for all Donors, perhaps have a dollar thresh-hold for space restrictions.
  • Install Trash and/or Recycle Bins on all Canada Post Super Mailboxes. Negotiate an Agreement with the Federal Government. (Way too much litter around them currently.)
  • Creation of Municipal Childcare/Daycare Spaces that are affordable and quality oriented.
  • Implement a Third Party Professional General Audit for the past 4-5 years of all spending and where the tax dollars have been spent, along with exactly how much debt we are committed to now and how much is our debt ceiling at currently.
  • Plan, Develop, and Build an "Abilities Centre" in Oakville mirrored in part to the current facility in Whitby, Ontario founded by Former  Federal Finance Minister, The Late, Jim Flaherty along with his wife Christine Elliott MPP. Our facility would house 75,000 Square feet, (in comparison to their 125,000 Square feet) and give Special Needs children and adults, young and old, a nurturing place to develop their unique skillsets to enhance their personal and career abilities. Their website is
  • Ask Oakville Residents if they would like to see their Education Property tax dollars to be directed to Oakville Private Schools, if their children are currently registered at a local accredited Private School and will remain in classes for a full school year. (rather than paying their tuition to the Private School PLUS paying their Public School their portion of the tax bill on their home.) If a majority agree then implement with negotiated agreement with the Province and School Boards.
  • Implement a zero cars and trucks/SUV emission program that would fit all vehicles registered at Oakville addresses with air converters that completely filter all toxic emissions to zero. For citizens who have a net income of $150k or more they will pay 50% of the retro-fit and for citizens with a net income of $149K or less then the Town will pay for the full cost of the converter. We need to eliminate at least local air pollution from the major source, our gas vehicles.
  • Implement an immediate pilot program that will at first lease a London England type double-decker bus that will run 7 days a week picking up and dropping off Customers from Oakville at their homes and driving them to Lakeshore Road Retail stores only. This will be free of charge to registered Oakville citizens only. The bus will run from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. and will be painted in Town of Oakville colours and logos and where possible the bus will be a hybrid or Natural Gas vehicle. Some local businesses will be able to advertise on the bus as well. This will be a huge incentive to shop at the Lakeshore core and will eliminate the need to drive there and worry about parking and/or getting a ticket. (Note: Rob Burton has promised to now give free parking on Lakeshore Road, after ignoring this problem for 8 years.) If this program works well, then the Town can purchase the bus outright. 
  • Companies that are contracted out to do jobs for Oakville Inc. usually charge a premium to do work for Governments, sometime as high as 30% more than what they charge to regular clients. This needs to stop. As Mayor, I would obtain quotes as a regular Customer first and then hire at those lowest quotes without sacrificing quality of work. 
  • No more Fluoride in our drinking water! Bad mistake on part of Rob Burton to keep it in our drinking water, I have spoken with several prominent Oakville Dentists about this and they all agreed it is not needed in our water anymore, it causes more problems in children's teeth than it's worth, preventing cavities with fluoride is done in toothpaste and in regular dental visits. There have also been many studies showing that it can be carcinogenic to certain people if ingested, that is the key factor here, ingested fluoride is bad!
  • Once a month have a huge Flash Mob with local dancers and singers at Oakville Place Mall and at Town Hall, film it and promote our Town.
  • Many Citizens have told me that their children have bad allergies every year and they are getting worse due to the excessive Dandelions and other weeds in and around our Town owned lands. I would make sure that no weeds are growing with 100% organic weed herbicides, not just cutting/mowing them. I know that the Town uses some soap/vinegar based solution but it is not really working.
  • The gasoline prices in Huntsville (Muskoka) are 5-10 cents CHEAPER than in Oakville! (I have been visiting Huntsville for over 25 years) I propose that I would negotiate with the Province and the Federal Governments to have an exclusive price for gasoline for Oakville Residents only, including our businesses. Gasoline stations would only be allowed to give the discounted prices to registered Oakville citizens. (To prevent a run on our pumps from outside car owners.) I would attempt to get as much as 50 cents off our current prices, think of the huge advantages to our citizens in the form of competitiveness! I would also negotiate with Ford Motors or any other car manufacturer to give large discounts for Oakville Citizens only for hybrid and electric automobiles. 
  • If any asbestos plumbing or any components of the Oakville Hospital contains any asbestos products it needs to be removed immediately. Yes, we still use it in some new Commercial and Industrial Buildings, despite the fact it is very toxic!
  • If we do not have one already, a musical Anthem for Oakville Inc. 
  • We have a huge rabbit infestation problem in Oakville, they have very little natural predators anymore. They are all very cute, but have become a huge nuisance to homeowners. I would have a study with experts to come-up with humane solutions. 
  • We should LIVE-trap all fish and turtles that are living in our Storm Water Detention Ponds before we clean/dreg them, I realize the ponds need the service but we should treat the animals living in them with more respect and care. Oakvillegreen would be able to help big time with his. After the cleaning is completed put the fish and turtles back into the water.
  • Establish an immediate Permanent Office of Deputy Mayor, and that person should be a woman only! Such as Pam Damoff for example.

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As Mayor of Oakville, Gordon will Negotiate Non-Stop until an all-around, combined, Agreement is made with all parties concerned on many of the issues surrounding our great Town, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Land Use.

Gordon knows how to Negotiate not Dictate! He has the INSIDE knowledge of how Developers think and feel as Gordon worked for many of the Key Builders for 27 years. There is no need to have to FIGHT them at OMB Hearings year after year.

Just some of Gordon's idea's are underground hydro for all new subdivisions, top-covered recycling bins, heated major roadways to avoid the yearly expansion/contraction, replacing cut down trees with more mature trees rather than saplings, Municipal Childcare Spaces, elimination of homeowner snow Windrows, picking up all the garbage in all our land areas every month, being more respectful towards Oakville citizens and addressing them and their concerns with intent towards solving issues rather than spinning issues, making local environmental issues profitable towards local and outside businesses, dealing with global climate change in terms of preparing for the inevitable weather extremes that will affect our Town in terms of building everything to support natural disasters.


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