Why do I want to be Mayor of Oakville?

I am 100% Non-Partisan, I do not, nor will not, support any Federal or Provincial (Government) Political Party, especially with Taxpayers Dollars.

I will make double sure that for the first two years in Office that there will be ZERO per cent property tax increases, I would NEVER be proud to publically announce for eight years that the annual Increase on Owners Property tax bills was "only" 2-5% The Corporation of the Town of Oakville can service all the Municipal needs for our Town without operating on an Open-Chequebook outlook towards taxpayers. It doesn't matter that perhaps most Oakvillians can afford to pay more every year in Property taxes, that is not a valid excuse to charge more for the same services every year. If I can live off $40 cash per week then, I'm quite certain that with a $300+ million annual Budget, Oakville can provide for it's citizens well enough without raising taxes for the next two years. 

 Ideology still plays out in any Political figure. Rob Burton staunchly supports The Liberal Party of Canada, he was a Guest Speaker at Justin Trudeau's most recent Biennial Convention, and it was also reported that $17,500 was given to the Liberal Party in 2010 from taxpayer dollars from Oakville Hydro, where Rob Burton is on The Board of Directors.

Ideologically speaking and for the record, I call myself a Liberal-Minded Conservative. Meaning that I am very Conservative towards Fiscal Policy issues, especially with spending and collecting tax payers monies. However, I am very Liberal towards Social Policy issues. Especially social programs involving children, including teens, our seniors and programs that help keep our citizens dignity intact. As a former Real Estate Professional involved in all aspects of that industry including construction, all levels of our Town's infrastructure has to be a healthy balance of Liberal spending with Conservative balances and checks.

I am all about being Pro-Active and not reactive, this has been my lifestyle for more than half my life and should be a cornerstone of being Mayor.

I don't want to be known as a Politician, rather as Mayor of a fabulous Town. I want to be known as a fair and decisive Leader who can also delegate tasks to people who are happy to carry them out on and for the people of Oakville. I am not Left or Right leaning, Balanced approach to both systems is key. Extremism never works long term, it's a historical fact.

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As Mayor of Oakville, Gordon will Negotiate Non-Stop until an all-around, combined, Agreement is made with all parties concerned on many of the issues surrounding our great Town, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Land Use.

Gordon knows how to Negotiate not Dictate! He has the INSIDE knowledge of how Developers think and feel as Gordon worked for many of the Key Builders for 27 years. There is no need to have to FIGHT them at OMB Hearings year after year.

Just some of Gordon's idea's are underground hydro for all new subdivisions, top-covered recycling bins, heated major roadways to avoid the yearly expansion/contraction, replacing cut down trees with more mature trees rather than saplings, Municipal Childcare Spaces, elimination of homeowner snow Windrows, picking up all the garbage in all our land areas every month, being more respectful towards Oakville citizens and addressing them and their concerns with intent towards solving issues rather than spinning issues, making local environmental issues profitable towards local and outside businesses, dealing with global climate change in terms of preparing for the inevitable weather extremes that will affect our Town in terms of building everything to support natural disasters.


Is this the way to treat Oakville Residents?
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Change! We need it!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." ~ Darwin

In other words...No more single minded, ONE ISSUE Mayor, we need to be able to adapt with the changes that are occurring daily, weekly, monthly and of course yearly.

I offer that Controlled, BALANCED Change.