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As Mayor of Oakville, Gordon will Negotiate Non-Stop until an all-around, combined, Agreement is made with all parties concerned on many of the issues surrounding our great Town, such as Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development, Roads, and Infrastructure, and Land Use.

Gordon knows how to Negotiate not Dictate! He has the INSIDE knowledge of how Developers think and feel as Gordon worked for many of the Key Builders for 27 years. There is no need to have to FIGHT them at OMB Hearings year after year.

Just some of Gordon's idea's are underground hydro for all new subdivisions, top-covered recycling bins, heated major roadways to avoid the yearly expansion/contraction, replacing cut down trees with more mature trees rather than saplings, Municipal Childcare Spaces, elimination of homeowner snow Windrows, picking up all the garbage in all our land areas every month, being more respectful towards Oakville citizens and addressing them and their concerns with intent towards solving issues rather than spinning issues, making local environmental issues profitable towards local and outside businesses, dealing with global climate change in terms of preparing for the inevitable weather extremes that will affect our Town in terms of building everything to support natural disasters.


Is this the way to treat Oakville Residents?


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Change! We need it!

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change." ~ Darwin

In other words...No more single minded, ONE ISSUE Mayor, we need to be able to adapt with the changes that are occurring daily, weekly, monthly and of course yearly.

I offer that Controlled, BALANCED Change.

Burton's New Municipal Land Transfer Tax 

Here is the List of Candidates who responded Yes or No to a New Municipal Land Transfer Tax. This will be good to look at AFTER the Election is concluded to see who keeps their word!

My Wife, Sandra, Her Influence. 

Any Political Leader that claims his/her Spouse, Partner, Significant Other, has zero influence on how they do their job or how they carry on their ideology during their terms in office are lying through their teeth. My wife is no different. I have been married to her for almost 20 years and we have been together as a couple for over 21 years. We came from polar opposites as children. I, from an Upper Middle Class Urban family, with only one sibling, and she from a Lower Middle Class family with five …Read more

A USA Personal Perspective on Oakville 

To the Town of Oakville,

My name is Alyssa Maris. I have been staying with my close friends, The Brennan Family, (Gordon, Sandra, Connor and Colin) for 11 days here in Oakville. I took a Greyhound bus to get here all the way from Huntington, West Virginia U.S.A. It took me 14 hours of driving to arrive! I have never been outside of my Country before until now. I just turned 18 years old.

When I first arrived, I immediately noticed that there were no boarded-up homes and all the houses were so big and…

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Field Mayor and Office Mayor 

In the past eight years, I have actually only met Rob Burton, Once! (And that was only because my youngest son was a Finalist at our Annual Cogeco Stars Among Us Competition.) I have never seen Mr. Burton driving around our Town or in any of our local retail stores. I realize he attends many official Mayoral functions including a trip to China once. I have seen him many times in the Oakville Beaver Newspaper which is the most frequent avenue I have seen him in. The many photo Ops have been numerous as …Read more

Reactive VS. Proactive 

Rob Burton is quoted as saying..."My Mother raised me to believe that you should wait until things actually happen before you conjecture about them." 

MY Mother raised ME to do things BEFORE something happens, in other words, be Proactive rather than reactive like Rob Burton. I have lived my entire adult life trying to be Proactive and setting up things beforehand so that goals and objectives get done and should anything go wrong then adjustment is smoother and easier than scrambling to find a quick and

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Property Taxes and when will the raises stop?! 

The Facts about (My) Property Taxes year to year from the day I owned my home...

These are my yearly taxes and the percentage change year to year, along with whom was in power at the time.

2002- $4088.35 (Mulvale)

2003- $3936.88 (Minus 3.7%) (Mulvale, Election year)

2004- $4416.39 (Plus 12.2%) (Mulvale)

2005- $4514.43 (Plus 2.2%) (Mulvale)

2006- $4676.31 (Plus 3.6%) (Burton)

2007- $4774.78 (Plus 2.1%) (Burton)

2008- $4956.67 (Plus 3.8%) (Burton)

2009- $5090.15 (Plus 2.7%) (Burton)

2010- $5123.88 (Plus

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Letter to The President of the Oakville Chamber of Commerce 

Hello, (President) John Sawyer,
I am writing to you today to inform you of my concern for the Downtown Business Owners current plight of decreased sales along with many Merchants actually closing their stores along our beautiful lakefront core areas. As a 20 year resident I have shopped on numerous occasions along the Lakeshore Road retail areas and have always enjoyed the personal and friendly service that is lacking in the Big Box stores.

Having said that, I would like to propose my commitment to all
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  • Underground (Buried) electrical utilities for all new Development projects including ICI sectors along with Residential. (No more worries about Ice Storm Black-outs.)
  • A Special day set aside for Oakville Woman Business Leaders/Entrepreneurs with a Dinner and Awards Show.
  • New Bus Shelters, with Heaters and larger. More enclosed for increased protection from the outside elements. Some kind of small entertainment system, ie: Radio/Music or news connections, not expensive but well secured. Residents wait a
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Letter to The Editor, Merton Lands 

Re: Mayor comments on Merton land issue

As a Twenty year Resident, Property Tax payer and avid supporter of all that is Oakville, I am very worried. It appears, to me at least, that extremism is alive and well when it involves any type of possible Land Development in Oakville by a select group of people and the organizations they represent. Mayor Rob Burton made his viewpoints very clear in his letter to The Editor on March 21, 2014. “His” Town Council will decide what happens with The Merton Lands, and…

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Let's Talk Development, A Balanced Perspective. 

The past eight years have been a whirlwind of Anti-Growth and Anti-Development across Oakville and more specifically from Mayor Rob Burton, Councillor Allan Elgar, Councillor Roger Lapworth, and to a smaller degree from Councillor's Ralph Robinson, Tom Adams, and Max Khan. It's no secret that they combined, usually vote together during Town Council issues that they feel are important to them. For example, I just recently received an e-mail from Councillor Elgar via (The) Oakville Green Conservation

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