Property Taxes and when will the raises stop?!

The Facts about (My) Property Taxes year to year from the day I owned my home...

These are my yearly taxes and the percentage change year to year, along with whom was in power at the time.

2002- $4088.35 (Mulvale)

2003- $3936.88 (Minus 3.7%) (Mulvale, Election year)

2004- $4416.39 (Plus 12.2%) (Mulvale)

2005- $4514.43 (Plus 2.2%) (Mulvale)

2006- $4676.31 (Plus 3.6%) (Burton)

2007- $4774.78 (Plus 2.1%) (Burton)

2008- $4956.67 (Plus 3.8%) (Burton)

2009- $5090.15 (Plus 2.7%) (Burton)

2010- $5123.88 (Plus 0.7%) (Burton) (Election Year)

2011- $5222.99 (Plus 1.9%) (Burton)

2012- $5339.03 (Plus 2.2%) (Burton)

2013- $5475.69 (Plus 2.6%) (Burton)

Since Rob Burton became Mayor of Oakville my Property Taxes have INCREASED 17.1% or $799.38 !! 

My wife's salary and my wages over the same eight years have increased 0.00 % or ZERO DOLLARS!!

Every year we are told we should be just happy to be working and earning anything by some employers. SO, when our taxes increase every year we have to make living changes to pay the extra taxes, sometimes even having to forego certain Foods! 

This has to STOP! Not EVERYONE in Oakville can afford increases every year in our taxes. I can tell you as a former Professional Real Estate Agent many people have actually moved OUT of Oakville to Burlington and Milton to avoid all the extra increases in living expenses in Oakville. Middle Class families should be able to live affordably in Oakville also, not just the wealthy.

As Mayor, I will not increase taxes at all for a minimum of two years! 

As Mayor, I will negotiate, negotiate, and fight for contracts and operating expenses that will keep our taxes at even so we don't have to increase at all. Enough is Enough!

No more OPEN Cheque books from taxpayers!