A USA Personal Perspective on Oakville

To the Town of Oakville,

My name is Alyssa Maris. I have been staying with my close friends, The Brennan Family, (Gordon, Sandra, Connor and Colin) for 11 days here in Oakville. I took a Greyhound bus to get here all the way from Huntington, West Virginia U.S.A. It took me 14 hours of driving to arrive! I have never been outside of my Country before until now. I just turned 18 years old.

When I first arrived, I immediately noticed that there were no boarded-up homes and all the houses were so big and nice looking! As time went on, I also noticed that everywhere I visited everyone was so nice and polite and pleasant to talk to and made me feel welcome! I even saw that your Walmart was cleaner and the staff more friendlier.

What really blew me away was all the excellent food! Even the fast food here is better looking and better tasting! The Brennan Family fed me fresh food from their backyard garden along with dining out at many local Restaurants, (Such as Turtle Jacks and Swiss Chalet), BBQ’s and prepared foods at their house from your local Grocery stores. My Grandma was quite worried that I would gain weight here because I was eating so much fancy food, but I actually lost some weight despite the fact that I was eating three regular meals every day. The food here tasted great but is nutritious at the same time, not like back home where it’s mostly processed and greasy.

I also had a great adventure at your Salon Venere store. I have never had my hair cut and styled before by a Professional Hairstylist and Amanda was so nice and she showed me a new way to keep my hair and how to take care of it after she did a fantastic job of cutting it.

I also had a great swim at your indoor pool at Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, such a large pool for so much fun and the water was nice and warm. I was very reluctant to go to your Splash Pad at Coronation Park but after Colin convinced me to try it I had a great time! There was this adorable little girl who actually “played” with me and showed me the secret buttons to turn on special water works on the Pad! I also loved walking around that park and your Lake Ontario seems like an ocean to me!

I also had a dream come true by meeting up with Johnny Orlando, a local singer like Colin at River 16 Recording Studio’s. He and his Mom were so nice and gave me a free Poster and two bracelets, Colin and Johnny then sang a duet together!

To say that my first experiences in Canada and in Oakville were an eye-opener would be an understatement, if I ever get the opportunity to move to Canada it would be to Oakville!

The only thing I would say that I would like to see and do more in Oakville would be to have a big place to have some excitement. I went to your CN Tower in Toronto, to your Toronto Zoo, To the Playdium in Mississauga, and to Amazing Adventures indoor Playhouse in Burlington. It would be nice to have some things like those to go to in Oakville.

I hope to be able to come back to your beautiful Town soon!


Alyssa Maris

2584 ½ 4th Avenue
Huntington, West Virginia,
U.S.A. 25703

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