My Wife, Sandra, Her Influence.

Any Political Leader that claims his/her Spouse, Partner, Significant Other, has zero influence on how they do their job or how they carry on their ideology during their terms in office are lying through their teeth. My wife is no different. I have been married to her for almost 20 years and we have been together as a couple for over 21 years. We came from polar opposites as children. I, from an Upper Middle Class Urban family, with only one sibling, and she from a Lower Middle Class family with five other siblings. Sandra grew up in a Country environment where nothing went to waste and every dollar was stretched to it's limit. Budgeting was a must. My parents both worked many long hard hours and earned six figure commission dollars in the 1970's when a dollar was still worth 100 cents. My Mother would buy $250 worth of groceries a week and get 3 carts full of food including meats. Both Sandra and I began working at age 13, me for my Mother and her Builder/Developer Partners and Sandra picking Mushrooms and tending to horses needs. Despite our early differences we have many similarities. We strongly believe in hard work brings results. We reject laziness in all it's forms. We strongly believe in compassion for all living things, but not freeloading compassion. We both believe that Education is a foothold to success. We both believe in the power of children and appreciate all their strengths and how they enrich our adult lives without compromise. We both have strong passion for the Special Needs Community and believe that they can and do contribute to so much in our community. Sandra is a strong advocate for all animals and many times she is embarrassed by caring more for wildlife and our domesticated pets than humans at times. I am a True Taurus and I feel connected to Mother Earth very strongly. Sandra wants to believe that Politicians can and should be true and honest, but knows that is rare. She tells me often that being in political office is a service not a privilege and to respect all that it entails. I feel that my wife keeps me grounded and I rely on her realism to keep me ahead at times. Sandra is really smart. She came from humble beginnings and was in the top of her College class, and earned the Silver Medal at Sheridan College here in Oakville. Despite all her success in her second chosen career of Computer Consulting, (Oracle Data Base Administrator, or DBA) she remains humble enough to share all her wealth of IT knowledge with her peers and outside of her jobs. (Sandra wanted to originally become a Vet but knew her biological skills were lacking.) My wife will make sure that I keep my focus on the citizens of Oakville and that I am not clouded by anything that can deplete my energies and passion away from doing a job worthy of any Mayor.

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