Reactive VS. Proactive

Rob Burton is quoted as saying..."My Mother raised me to believe that you should wait until things actually happen before you conjecture about them." 

MY Mother raised ME to do things BEFORE something happens, in other words, be Proactive rather than reactive like Rob Burton. I have lived my entire adult life trying to be Proactive and setting up things beforehand so that goals and objectives get done and should anything go wrong then adjustment is smoother and easier than scrambling to find a quick and often more difficult solution. In my opinion, most Politicians are very reactive, as Mayor of Oakville first and not as a Politician, I would always be Proactive in all areas of Oakville's needs.

Rob Burton is quoted as saying he is, "An outspoken environmentalist." While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an environmentalist, in my opinion, as a Mayor of a great town, you have to be a lot more than just an environmentalist. You cannot single-out your mandate as Mayor as just caring about the environment. While caring about the environment is a very worthwhile endeavour, and one which I would maintain as has been going on the past eight years, I would bring much more to serving this superior Town with a balanced approach to all aspects of Governance, and what needs are important to all citizens of Oakville. 

Rob Burton is quoted as saying, That when he was elected four years ago people asked if he would run again. His response was: "Let's see if we like each other." 

My response...Huh?? As Mayor, I would be constantly striving to allow ALL citizens of Oakville to not only like me but to see and hear me doing service to this great Town year round. 

Rob Burton was quoted as saying, "I've decided it's a fun thing to be Mayor, but I have no desire to be Mayor for life."

While it's a good thing to have fun at your work, I just hope that Mr. Burton has considered all aspects of the seriousness of the job as Mayor. I believe that Mr. Burton has done all that he wanted to do with Oakville in the past eight years and his mission to "save not pave" has been accomplished and he can retire knowing that the Town can carry forward with a New Mayor, a Balanced, Controlled, approach Mayor!

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